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Packaging quality inspection

Qipack offers advanced technologies regarding packaging quality inspection. It is very important for packaging machines, such as welding machines, to maintain their quality and to stay reliable and efficient; an accurate seal inspection is therefore an essential element of the production and packaging process. With the innovative, custom-built solutions that we offers, it is possible to inspect the sealing process of a packaging machine in a very detailed way, through the use of high-definition infrared cameras. Our inspection systems offer a lot of possibilities and will bring a lot of benefits in regard to your production process.

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Welding and other packaging machines: improve the quality by performing an inspection

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your packaging machine, plastic welding process or wall thickness control at blow moulding equipment with a Qipcam system; Qipack offers your company the right tools to perform inspection on your (welding) machine and to improve the quality of your packaging process. Due to continuous inspection of the seal pressure, temperature and time, the quality of the packaging can be guaranteed. A quality inspection regarding packaging and welding processes allows you to keep improving your production company. We also offer smart inspection technologies for sealing plastic products.

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Are you interested in performing an accurate seal inspection of your packaging machines, such as a welding machine, and improve the quality of your production process? As a professional specialised in seal check equipment, we design high-quality systems that will help you closely monitor the sealing process and final seal quality of your packaged products. Would you like to gain more information about our custom solutions? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling +31 6 25 00 61 13 or by sending a message to We will provide you with all the information you need.

Qipack’s 3 step approach

How we guide your enterprise in reaching its packaging quality targets:

  • Audition of the packaging line
  • Packaging process improvement
  • Online production monitoring

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