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Qipack guides your enterprise in reaching its packaging quality targets in 3 steps

Qipack is an innovative company based in Belgium and The Netherlands, specialized in packaging quality control, based on detailed real-time analysis of each heat sealed product package manufactured by your packaging equipment.

Packaging is a complex multifactor process. Your packaging production lines are subject to many constraints such as global costs, operator attention, production line settings, maintenance state of machinery, etcetera. In the end, all these factors influence the quality of every single package you produce. Our method consists of anticipating these variations, tune your production lines and safeguard your packaging quality and throughput.

According to your needs, a variation of custom solutions will be proposed, all with the same motive:

Qip it simple!

Qipack’s 3 step approach

How we guide your enterprise in reaching its packaging quality targets:

  • Audition of the packaging line
  • Packaging process improvement
  • Online production monitoring

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